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Here at Cielo Energy we work with both companies in the energy market
(suppliers, generators, aggregators) and business energy consumers.

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We offer two main services

As an energy customer, you will receive bespoke expert support and advice, making energy simple so you can focus on running your business. Whatever you need from your energy contract (more savings? great service? renewable energy?) we’re here to help you.

As an energy business, we can help you in areas such as designing new products, writing contract terms, writing PPAs and wholesale market agreements. If you need some internal support with any of the commercial activities of your energy business, we’re here to help you.


If you are looking for a business energy contract

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Plain & Simple

Tell us your needs and we will make sure all the boxes are ticked, whilst speaking your language and ensuring it all makes sense rather than baffling you with lots of jargon that gives you a headache and consumes your time. There is no need to become an energy expert, we’ve got it covered. Whether you need a simple fixed price contract, or a complicated multi-site pass through with bells and whistles around demand side response we work with you to deliver results that work for you.

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Professional & Supportive

We take the whole process of securing an energy contract and manage it on your behalf. We are with you as much as you need us to be, allowing you to focus on your business, not the energy market. If your needs change, we can change with them.

Price & Speed

We know that two of the main questions you care about are ‘how much?’ and ‘how soon?’ so you can rest assured – you set the parameters, we make it happen. If we cannot find you a solution that is better than what you already have, we will tell you. There is no hard sell here!
If you want complete transparency over how much our services cost, just ask. Unlike many brokers we do not hide the fact that we are paid a commission for our services, and if you want to pay us directly – that’s fine too.


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