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Here at Cielo Energy we work with both companies in the energy market
(suppliers, generators, aggregators) and business energy consumers.

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About Us


The energy market is undergoing a revolution; with the switch to low carbon generation and increased customer level engagement driving changes for everybody.  This creates huge opportunities to engage with the market and make both cost and carbon savings.  However, it also comes with the potential for an incredible amount of complexity, making it harder for anybody not engaged day-to-day to keep up, and avoid making mistakes.

We have unparalleled experience in the UK energy market, being present in it for as long as it has existed.  We have worked across all areas of the market from long term power generation contracts through trading and risk management and into supply.

Work with us and you will be benefit directly from that experience, not with an inexperienced recruit.  We have first-hand experience of being in the market and being exposed to the outcome of our decisions.

About Us


Our Managing Director Stuart Lloyd-Evans has been in the energy industry for 25 years, working for major utilities, financial institutions as well as new entrants, therefore fully understanding how the market works. 

Our name – Cielo (pronounced see-el-o) comes from the Spanish word for sky, in case you were wondering.

About Us


We were created in 2019 out of a belief that any business with an exposure to energy can benefit from well informed advice and support to support their activities.


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