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What do you need from your chosen supplier?

Price & Service?

We know this is important, so we will ensure the deals we find for you are very competitive. We have a panel of over 20 of the largest suppliers in the market and have relationships that allow us to develop bespoke products if required for larger customers.


If you want a flexible product we can advise and structure the best approach for you, and set up clear trading strategies. Our real world trading experience provides the ability to develop and execute strategies that add value to your business (rather than just giving you some charts and trading jargon).

Renewable energy?

Looking after the planet is often a leading factor for many of our clients and therefore renewable energy is available. Whether you want a corporate PPA or just certified renewable generation we can provide it – and explain exactly what you’re getting and what difference it is making.


How can we help you?

Price & Speed

You set the parameters, we make it happen. If we cannot find you a solution that is better than what you already have, we will tell you.

Plain & Simple

There is no need to become an energy expert, we will make 100% sure you know what you’re getting. View our glossary below.

Professional & Supportive

We take the whole process of securing an energy contract and manage it on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business, not the energy market.


What do we do for our energy customers?

Behind your energy bill is a complex web of relationships and payments. As an end user it is hard to keep up with changes and make sure you have the right product. There are many companies trying to offer you advice.
  • Some energy consultants will try to sell you complexity you may not need.
  • Some energy consultants just want a quick sale.
  • Some energy consultants will tell you they do it all for free.
At Cielo Energy we decided to do things differently, using our long experience in the front line of the electricity and gas market. 
We understand it in detail, so you don’t have to. 
Working with over 20 of the largest suppliers in the energy market to bring you competitive contracts, we will provide advice and clarity to you ahead of your contract being placed.  We want to develop a relationship and become your energy partner.
We can provide prices to match the most competitive in the market, but its more than just a sale to us. We hope it’s the start of becoming your partners in making sure you never have to worry about energy again. 

Please find below, our latest guide for securing an energy contract:
Patrnered With

Over 20 energy suppliers to get the best deal

Q & A

Our most common energy questions answered:

We offer a free, no obligation consultation process to understand your needs. Should you choose to contract with a supplier we introduce they will pay us a commission. Unlike many consultants we are happy to disclose our commission to you, and do not pretend that there are no fees.

We have genuine energy experience, built over decades. In a market as complicated as energy this allows us to provide educated advice and support. Rather than just talking about the energy market, we have actually been in it, and had to live with the results of our decisions in the same way our customers do; so we understand the challenges!

No. We manage the process for you, and under normal circumstances you don’t need to do anything. Provided you are not under an existing contract, and don’t have any outstanding debt a supplier cannot object to you’re desire to switch.

Yes. Our experience and knowledge allows us to not only explain your bill, but also explain the various elements of it and how they are made up should you wish to really get into the detail.

It depends how predictable and flexible your demand is. We can offer advice on what may work better for you as we get to know your business and what’s important to it.

Yes. We work with a large number of energy suppliers and do not take special deals with any of them. Any contract we recommend to you will be based only on your needs.

The $64000 question! It depends on the timescale you are talking about, and the product you are talking about. Your delivered energy price is made up of many complex elements, some of which may go up, some of which may go down. Whoever you choose as a consultant should offer you an unbiased view of the complete package. You need to take a decision based on your business needs and risk appetite – we are happy to discuss opinions with you, but any strategic decision has to be made by you.

It depends what you want. A ‘renewable’ supply contract doesn’t generally lead to any more renewable generation, but may help with your businesses environmental positioning.

There are number of ways, but the simplest place to start is to use less and avoid waste. There are many more complex things that can be done to optimise consumption, and we can help out with these.

Customers consuming over about 5GWh per year (about £500k) will have access to more flexible products. We are happy to discuss options with all customers, and have the relationships to develop truly bespoke products should they be required.


Let's discuss exactly what you need over a quick phone call.