Policy and Regulation

The energy market is highly regulated, and the landscape is ever evolving as technology and lower carbon forms of generation deliver new opportunities.

We are not policy and code wonks (although we know people that are if you need any), but focus on understanding the ‘so what’ of policy changes.  Through working with clients to understand policy developments we focus on the real-world implications of policy proposals.

Too often historically policy has been developed in a commercial vacuum, and once implemented there have been many potential trip-wires embedded within the rules.  We provide the opportunity to engage with policy development providing a response to seek to influence developments at an early stage, although the regulator might not listen at least you can pre-emptively deal with the consequences.

Sample Projects

Half hourly settlement impact

Our client wanted to understand the benefits of half hourly settlement to its business to establish a position on market wide settlement.

We undertook analysis of the impacts of full half hourly settlement to allow them to develop a position on the policy.

Retail flexibility reform

Our client wanted to understand how proposed market reforms could impact their business.

We assessed the proposed policy and its potential long term impacts to allow them to understand potential impacts of the reform.