Product Development

Any energy business offering clients some form of product takes on the role of translating the web of industry charges to which they are exposed into something that meets the customer’s needs.  Whether the product is offering Energy as a Service (EaaS), a flexible product or power purchase agreement, we work with you to understand what your customer proposition is and how it can be implemented.

Unpinning any product development is ensuring that it makes commercial sense, and that the level of risk being taken is acceptable.  Using our knowledge and experience we can develop products from inception through to delivery, including pricing, forecasting and developing model terms and conditions for customers.  

Our clients may be new entrants or existing businesses looking to expand their product set or sectors covered.

Sample Projects

Flexible Product Development

Our client wanted to launch a flexible product for the I&C market, offering various options on how customer prices were created.

We developed a fully flexible product offering, allowing bespoke customer propositions depending on their needs.  The product included demand analysis, pricing and contractual terms and conditions.