What should you do next, and why?

Our approach to strategy joins the dots between today and the future by focussing on commercially sound approaches to developing your business.  Through working to understand what you want to achieve (and when) alongside what the market will allow (and pay for) and how the policy landscape is developing we seek to deliver sensible value maximising strategic developments.

With a market place that is rapidly evolving, and expensive technology its easy to loose money very quickly in energy in pursuit of some poorly defined long-term goal. The market is littered with companies that have lost millions of pounds in pursuing ‘strategic’ projects – and although we can’t guarantee success – we will always focus on understanding what the benefit is likely to be and when.  Working in an agile way, we believe in develop as you go – as things work build the next bit rather than going all-in very early.

Sample Project

PPA market entry

Our client was keen to enter the power purchase agreement market, and wanted to understand the best way to do this to build a portfolio.

Based on understanding the objectives we developed an overall market assessment of the different potential routes to market, which allowed the client to determine the best route for entry and how they could develop their offering from that point.

Market entry

Out client wanted to enter the energy market to allow it to provide services to end users.

We worked through the entry process putting in place the necessary agreements and systems for market entry; meeting the complex regulatory and commercial needs of the UK energy market.